Björn Dettmaring

Pilot for Europe

email:    on9cfg@telenet.be

I was born in 1981 and learned about the amateur radio hobby from my father ON7DR.

I started with the hobby as soon I was old enough to take part on an examination, back in 1995 I was the youngest licensed ham radio in Belgium and received the call ON9CFG. In my begin years I was very active on CW with some SSB between 160 and 10 meter, later I got interested in RTTY also.

I studied in Brugge (Belgium) and received a degree in wine master but later I made a career switch and now I am shift supervisor in the second largest bio ethanol producing plant in Europe. I am married and have 2 sons: Lewis is 8 years old and Vince is 3 years old.

Due to education and other interests I was inactive in the radio hobby for about 3 years but after a couple of years being married I got more time for the hobby so the interest was back!

Different then before I became interested in providing DX news to the DX community. I started to create a weekly DX bulletin for the Belgian Ham Radio Society. Later I became HF Manager for the UBA.

Due to my DX bulletin I came in touch with Col, MM0NDX and so I started to make a DX bulletin for DX World, published every Thursday and that for already more than 3 years now.

In the mean time I started to be active as pilot station, I began with 9U4U (chief pilot), EP6T (EU pilot), FT4TA and FT4JA (EU pilot) and VK9NZ (EU pilot).  Later also for VK9MA, 3B7A, 3Y0Z and more to follow.

Besides my hobby I like good food, family-time and soccer.

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