Rich Seifert

Pilot for Western USA

email:    ke1b@richseifert.com

Rich Seifert was first licensed in 1968 as a novice
(WN2DLJ) in New York City. He obtained his Extra Class
license in 1970. After moving to Mass. and changing his
call to KE1B, he went QRT in 1982, focusing instead on his
professional career. Rich has over 45 years of experience
in the computer industry, specializing in computer network
architecture, systems and product design.

Rich now provides consulting services to a wide range of network, semiconductor and computer systems manufacturers. Although Rich didn't make a QSO for 25 years, he remembered to keep his license current. He rekindled his interest in the hobby in 2007, and has been very active ever since. Rich is primarily a DX'er and contester.  

Rich (KE1B) and and YL Anna (W6NN) have raised Holiday DXpeditioning to an art form. Over the past 4 years, they have traveled to numerous destinations in the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, and coastal Africa in search of fine food, great beaches, and massive pileups. Rich is past president of the San Lorenzo Amateur Radio Club and was Co-Chair of the 2015 IDX Convention.

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