Marty Sullaway

Social Media Pilot

email:   media@baker2018.net

Marty, KC1CWF is a teenage DX and radiosport aficionado living in Eastern Massachusetts. He is active in most major US and domestic radiosport events. While he has a modest station at home consisting of various wire antennas, he has had the opportunity to pilot many larger contests stations.

Outside of contesting, Marty is an advocate for remote amateur radio operation, and has an amateur radio podcast called The Phasing Line
(phasinglinepodcast.com). Marty currently serves as treasurer of the Clay Center Amateur Radio Club (W1CLA) in Brookline MA.

Similarly, Marty was honored to be selected as the 2017 Amateur Radio Newsline, Bill Pasternack, WA6ITF Young Ham of The Year. Marty is an active DXer with over 200 countries confirmed. In his free moments, Marty enjoys getting outside, working on antenna hardware, and having a blast with amateur radio.

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