Ned Stearns

Ned is a veteran of thirty DXpeditions including three that were, at the time, in the Top Ten needed DXCC list (K5K/KH5K 2000, VP8STI 2016 and VP8SGI 2016). He maintains interest in DXing, Contesting and Weak Signal VHF work and sometimes combines all three activities on some of his DXpeditions. For example, he made over 900 six meter QSOs as part of the 3B9R effort in 1999, over 1200 six meter QSOs on Kingman Reef as K5K in 2000, made over 300 EME QSOs as 6Y5NS in 2016 and led the VooDoo Contest Group’s 9K2HN effort in 2014 to set the all-time Asian continental record in CQWW DX CW Contest.

Ned is a retired Systems Engineer having worked at Motorola and then General Dynamics in Phoenix, AZ for 43 years. He continues to do some consulting work for the development of novel antenna systems for commercial and amateur applications. However, he prefers to keep busy by building out high-end, remote radio stations at two sites in Arizona. He is the principal developer of the emerging VHF superstation at NN7AZ in Maricopa, AZ. And, he is deploying some of his antenna design concepts at the NA7TB HF contest site in Safford, AZ.

He has been licensed for 54 years and has achieved top of the Honor Roll, 5BWAZ, and was notified by the ARRL DX desk to be the first to ever achieve 11 band DXCC. In the VHF domain, he has worked nearly 1000 grid squares and 131 DXCC on 6 meters and roughly 900 grid squares and 161 DXCC on 2 meters.

Ned is excited to be a member of this Baker Island DXpedition team. Having often been on the other side of the DX pileups, he can report that he enjoys every QSO as much as you do.

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