To The Baker Island 2018 DXpedition
Destination: Baker Island, South Pacific
0°11′41″N 176°28′46″W
IOTA OC-089  GRID AJ10  CQ Zone 31  ITU Zone 61

December 15, 2017

The Dateline DX Association is very pleased to announce the callsign for its DXpedtion to Baker Island in June 2018.

The Association already has the callsign KH7Z so we will identify our location and call as KH1/KH7Z.

Visiting a remote DX location like Baker Island is an expensive undertaking.  Our budget is over $400,000 and 50% of this cost is being underwritten by the team members.   That still leaves a large amount of fund raising.   Do you need KH1 for an ATNO?  This is the first DXpedition to Baker and Howland Islands since 2002.   The FWS ruling that allowed this trip prevents another DXpedition for 10 years.   Please help make this happen by donating at our website Baker2018.net

A 50% deposit on our vessel is due December 31, 2017 so we have an immediate need for our 2017 fundraising.   Please remember that NCDXF members may direct donations above $250 through the Northern DX Foundation to qualify for a tax deduction.   The specific details as well as general donation instructions are on our website here.

Thanks for helping make this DXpedition happen.

Don Greenbaum, N1DG
Tom Harrell, N4XP
Kevin Rowett, K6TD


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